Battlefield 4 Beta Available for Medal of Honor: Warfighter Preorders?

It’s becoming quite a popular practice to entice gamers with a beta for an anticipated title for preordering a game that isn’t generating as much hype as the developers would like. So, it’s only natural that Medal of Honor: Warfighter is rumored to include a beta for Battlefield 4. That’s right, Battlefield 4. As in, the sequel to Battlefield 3.

The news was sorta-kinda confirmed after an Origin ad for Medal of Honor: Warfighter briefly popped up, claiming that pre-orders for the upcoming Special Forces shooter would be rewarded with access to a Battlefield 4 beta. It’s not exactly surprising to think that there would be a sequel to DICE and EA’s uber-popular shooter, but considering the game only launched last October, it seems a bit premature to be discussing a sequel, especially with the success of Battlefield Premium demonstrating a lot of interest remaining in the current iteration of the multiplayer-centric franchise. What is strange about this ad is that the price for Warfighter appears to be $69.99, a full $10 more than the standard price for nearly every retail Xbox 360 game on the market. Whether the price is for the Limited Edition of the game or vanilla flavor is unknown, but gamers are sure to notice the price hike either way.

Although the original Medal of Honor also promised a similar bonus for Battlefield 3 well in advance of the game’s release (or even public showing), it’s a little concerning for recent purchasers of Battlefield Premium that the possibility of a new game releasing before the promised future content has been delivered might exist. Although no official details have been released as of yet, it’s likely we won’t be seeing Battlefield 4 until at least next holiday season.

Stay tuned to Xbox 360 Cheats for more info on Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Battlefield 4 as it develops.

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  • Kenny

    One FPS I am very much looking forward too…

    • Adriaan Noordzij

      Warfighter or BF4?