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Mythic: The Story of Scams and Stolen Resources – Is Kickstarter’s Brief Golden Age Coming to an Abrupt End?

Does it really come as much of a surprise? Kickstarter’s meteoric rise as a virtual savior to all teams indie would not come without an inevitable backlash. Allowing any indie game developer with an idea and a semblance of a … Continue reading

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Diablo III Beta, WoW Annual Pass Offer Comes to an End

Those hankering to brandish a two-handed mighty sword in which to decimate the minions of Hell will have to wait just a bit longer. As of 3:00 AM on May 1st, the Diablo III beta was officially pulled – and … Continue reading

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Is Episodic Gaming the Future?

As gamers, we’ve grown quite accustomed to taking calculated risks. Not only do video games cost significantly more than other forms of visual entertainment, they often compel users to invest a significant amount of their free time playing. In so … Continue reading

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The Ten Biggest Xbox 360 Let Downs of 2011

It’s been a pretty good year for gaming. While the negative amongst us (and I’m sure the title to this article drew that particular crowd in – hi guys!) will have us believe that gaming is going to hell on … Continue reading

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Why MMORPGs Don’t Work on Consoles

Firstly, let me start off by pointing out that when I say MMORPG, I am referring to the game genre in the classical sense.  For instance, while FIFA 12’s “Be A Pro mode” may technically be a MMORPG because it’s … Continue reading

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Why it’s Going to Rock XBLA

In August this year, Valve announced that they would be releasing a third version of Counter-Strike that was to be cross platform (with it coming to the Xbox 360 Live Arcade) and titled “Global Offensive”. Initial reactions were mixed as … Continue reading

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Now and Then: Has Gaming Got Harder?

No matter how good you might be at gaming, we all have those encounters within a particular title that we just can’t get past. I remember being stuck on Psycho Mantis in Metal Gear Solid for days until a school … Continue reading

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