Army of Two Sequel, The Devil’s Cartel, Announced

Right before the company’s Summer Showcase, EA has officially announced that it will be releasing an Army of Two sequel, dubbed The Devil’s Cartel, in 2013. The game will feature Alpha and Bravo from the previous game, and will supposedly set the two bros for life in the middle of a drug war (hence the name). The most interesting news from the recent press release, however, is that The Devil’s Cartel will be running on Frostbite 2, aka the same engine that powers Battlefield 3. Did your ears just perk up? Mine did.

The game is currently in development from Dead Space developer, Visceral Games, and will retain much of the game’s focus on cooperative play with a heavy emphasis on customization and narrative. Early rumors claimed that there was a possibility of 4-player co-op, however that has yet to be officially confirmed by Electronic Arts.

We expect to see a little more about the upcoming Army of Two sequel at EA’s Summer Showcase 2012, happening now, including perhaps a release date or a trailer. Stay tuned to Xbox 360 Cheats for more information as it develops.

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