Alert: Modern Warfare 3 Stats Reset Glitch

Modern Warfare 3It’s a dangerous world out there in Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer lobbies at the moment. An AC130 glitch/hack has surfaced in the past few days which lets players become invincible (obivously not a good thing!). But the danger doesn’t end there, if you have the misfortune of getting into one of the modded lobbies, then there is a chance that the hackers can derank your profile (that’s right, take you right back to Prestige 0, Rank 1). Obviously not a good thing.

Infinity Ward are on to the problem though and Robert Bowling recently sent out the warning below via Twitter.


At the moment it seems all you can do in order to lessen the risk of possibly being deranked is to avoid accepting invites for private lobbies from people you don’t know (and even those you do, just to be extra safe!). There are also reports that watching other player’s videos in the online vault can trigger the hack, so maybe avoid doing that for now too.

If you do notice you’ve been deranked, then most people seem to be advising to instantly switch your console off or to go directly to the dashboard. This is because as soon as you get even one kill after someone has/has attempted to derank you, the new rank stats are recorded. Obviously the second thing you need to do after losing your stats is report the players/lobby you were in via the in-game system (if this is possible, given you’ve hopefully gone to your dashboard and avoided the derank!) or otherwise try going directly to Infintiy Ward/fourzerotwo (as above) with your complaint.

Play safe out there!

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