Ada Wong Confirmed as Playable Character in Resident Evil 6

Capcom has been releasing a steady trickle of information regarding Resident Evil 6 ever since its debut, and today the esteemed developer confirmed the addition of an Ada Wong campaign for the upcoming zombie shooter. The enigmatic and mysterious Ada Wong (or girl in the red dress, to those who are unfamiliar with the character) appears to be just as hard to read in the sixth installment of the popular Resident Evil franchise. Using her trademark grappling hook to get around and armed with her usual sensuous voice and one-liners (and a crossbow), Ada Wong appears to be fully intact for Resident Evil 6. Have a look at some of her campaign’s gameplay after the jump!

Not only does the gameplay highlight a little of Ada’s campaign, but you’ll get a glimpse at the now-infamous boob-grabbing spider lady. Although we don’t see any boob-grabbing in the video, we can clearly see that the hyper-sexualized boss is pretty much an example of everything that people point to when claiming sexism in video games. Oh, Capcom, when will you learn?

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