Activision and EA Finally Settle Infinity Ward Lawsuit

Activision and EA Finally Settle Infinity Ward Lawsuit

Remember this one? The whole, “EA stole our Call of Duty lead designers to sabotage Modern Warfare 2!” claim by Activision back in 2010? According to Gamasutra, the two mega-publishers have buried the hatchet and settled on the lawsuit. The terms of the settlement have yet to be announced, but it’s quite likely that one of the two decided to plunk down a large sum of cash to shut the other up.

In case your memory is foggy, Activision believed that EA had intentionally lured Infinity Ward directors Vince Zampella and Jason West during the development of Modern Warfare 2 in order to sabotage the game before Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s release. After West and Zampella founded Respawn Entertainment, EA partnered with the company and effectively secured the creators of Call of Duty for themselves. A bunch of legal jargon, scathing press releases, and nasty accusations later, EA and Activision sued each other.

Although Activision and EA have put aside their differences, West and Zampella vs. Activision is still set for a court date of May 29th for allegedly unpaid royalties. I’m not one to pick sides, but I’m crossing my fingers for Activision’s pocketbook to be a little lighter after the judge’s ruling.

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