420 Collective Years Spent Playing Halo in Last 12 Months

To coincide with the release of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and the ten year anniversary of both the Xbox console and the Halo franchise, Microsoft has released some interesting figures about the number of hours people are putting into games of Halo over Live.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

Apparently gamers have spent a collective total of 3,673,764.6 hours (or 419.4 years) playing Halo games in the last twleve months alone, with your average Xbox Live member having spent 37.4 hours over the same period playing Halo multiplayer (pretty much the amount of time you’d put into a full-time job for a week). Note that these figures are for the online modes of all Halo games only and do not include figures in relation to the offline parts of the various games. Lump those stats in and the figures would climb considerably!

In addition, according to the statistics, your average Xbox Live member has subscribed to the service for around 1.8 years. Of course many have been members of Xbox Live for much longer, but as each new Xbox 360 is sold and a new subscription to Live activated, it brings down the average.

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