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Next Grand Theft Auto IV Trailer Date Plus New Screenshots

RockStar Games have told us when the next Grand Theft Auto IV trailer will be arriving, as well as released a whole bunch of new screenshots, all of which we have available for you. [read more]

Shafted 360 Gamer Nathaniel Gets Console Back

You've probably all heard the story of Nathaniel, the Xbox 360 gamer whose console, whilst it was being serviced by Xbox, was cleaned of all the signatures he'd carefully collected. Well the tale has come to an end. [read more]

Next PS3 Update to Add Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0

I have to admit, hearing about this kind of stuff does make me jealous and wondering when the next-gen DVD support (read: Blu-Ray) on the Xbox 360 will come. [read more]

Guitar Hero Lawsuit Statements

Gibson Guitar are suing both Wal-Mart and other major consumer retailers in relation to them selling Activision's Guitar Hero series of games. It should getting very interesting, but in the meantime the parties have each issued press releases. [read more]

N+ Review

A platformer with one-screen levels where you control a stick figure to flip a switch to open an exit door sounds like the least exciting game ever offered on Live Arcade. [read more]

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