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Happy Holidays from the Whole Staff at PlanetXbox360

We want to wish all our readers a happy holidays and say thanks for making this one great year here at PlanetXbox360.com; hope you are all getting exactly what you wanted, hopefully some 360 games and great time with family and friends. [read more]

Eidos Releases First Battlestations: Pacific Developer Diary

To get you thinking about what Battlestations: Pacific has to offer, Eidos just released the first of what we expect to be many, video developer diaries that touches on the game's features and their thought process behind the game. [read more]

Call of Duty 4 vs. Call of Duty WaW - Shootout

With Call of Duty: World at War’s initiation into the Call of Duty franchise, comparisons and preferences have been widely expressed and slung around unnecessarily frequently. Back when Call of Duty 3 came out, the talk wasn’t nearly as heavy, and the winner of the battle was clearly Call of Duty 2 over 3 (or at least in my niche of friends). We give you reasons for which to choose. [read more]

Merry Mythic Map Pack Day - 22 New Halo 3 Screenshots

Last week, Bungie teased us with a single screenshot of Halo 3's upcoming Orbital multiplayer map (one third of the Mythic Map Pack), and now we're treated to the other part of the surprise, twenty-two more screenshots. See em after the jump. [read more]

THQ Announces WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 DLC

THQ just announced a set of upcoming downloadable content for Smackdown vs. Raw 2009 that'll be releasing exclusively on the Xbox 360 sometime in January of 2009; a couple wrestlers and extra uniforms will run you 400 MS. [read more]

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