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XCOM: Enemy Within Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: XCOM: Enemy Within
Game Description: This standalone expansion to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which earned awards, praise, and recognition in 2012, brings plenty of XCOM strategy and action to satisfy fans. With new abilities, new weapons, and new upgrades, you’ll be all set to face off against the new alien enemies. Fight across new maps, complete missions, and learn more strategies and tactics you can use in both single player and multiplayer modes.


Achievements cheat for XCOM: Enemy Within on Xbox 360

game name:

XCOM: Enemy Within

cheat title:



Who Needs Limbs? - 20 gamerpoints - Augment a soldier in single player.
A Little Bit Alien - 20 gamerpoints - Modify a soldier in single player.
Enemy Within - 20 gamerpoints - Get a Soldier to have 5 modifications in single player.
Steel Martyr - 40 gamerpoints - Deploy three tactical subsystems on a single soldier in single player.
Apotheosis Denied - 100 gamerpoints - Deal with the newest global threat.
They Shall Not Pass - 20 gamerpoints - Eliminate all alien waves.
Zom-B-Gone - 20 gamerpoints - Eradicate the infestation.
An Army Of Four - 100 gamerpoints - Beat the game without buying a Squad Size upgrade - Classic+ difficulty).
The Meld Squad - 20 gamerpoints - Field a fully enhanced squad and win the mission.
Shieldbuster - 20 gamerpoints - Eliminate an enemy’s shield and kill it on the same turn in single player.
Someone Your Own Size - 20 gamerpoints - Kill a Muton Berserker in melee combat in single player.
Taking A Load Off - 20 gamerpoints - Stop a squad member from suffocating in single player.
Where in the World - 40 gamerpoints - Make certain of the new threat’s location.
Mind the Step - 20 gamerpoints - Jump two stories in one move in single player.
Nice Cover - 20 gamerpoints - Use Collateral Damage to blow up a car in single player.
By Our Powers Combined - 40 gamerpoints - Field a squad with 4 augmented soldiers, each with a different base ability and win the mission.
Rise of the Machines - 20 gamerpoints - Field a squad consisting entirely of augmented soldiers and SHIVs - min. 4) and win the mission.
Mutatis Mutandis - 20 gamerpoints - Field a squad where all members have at least two modifications - min. 4) and win the mission.
Mental Minefield - 40 gamerpoints - Kill an enemy as it is psionically attacking you in single player.
Anger Management - 20 gamerpoints - Proc Combat Rush on the entire squad - min. 4).
Remington... Max Remington - 40 gamerpoints - Have your special-duty soldier kill three enemies in the same mission.
G’day - 20 gamerpoints - Kill an elite enemy Sniper with one of your own snipers in single player.
Regenerate This - 20 gamerpoints - Kill an elite enemy Medic with explosive damage in single player.
Tingling Sensation - 40 gamerpoints - Kill an unseen enemy detected by a specially modified soldier in single player.
Pain in the Neck - 40 gamerpoints - Cause an enemy to suicide.
Solid Prospect - 20 gamerpoints - Complete Deluge.
Ours are the Furies - 20 gamerpoints - Complete Furies.
Elite Defense - 40 gamerpoints - Beat a new special mission without losing any assets.
Guardian of Earth - 100 gamerpoints - Designate a highly decorated soldier as the Volunteer.
All Hands On Deck - 20 gamerpoints - Get at least 4 kills with XCOM Base Security personnel.

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