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Wolfenstein Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Wolfenstein
  • Game Description: Wolfenstein for the Xbox 360 you play as BJ Blazkowicz who is a highly ranked member of the Office of Secret Actions (OSA). The allies learn that the Nazis may possess a new and dangerous power and send you in on a mission to find out what. While behind enemy lines in the heart of the Reich you realize that the Nazis have learned how to harness the power of the Black Sun through a parallel dimension called The Veil. The end result is a weapon capable of ending wars. As BJ Blazkowicz you are the only one is able to stop them in time!

Gold, Intel, Tomes Map - Train Station cheat for Wolfenstein on Xbox 360

Gold 1/11: in the sewers after you exit the 2nd tunnel you have to crouch in. Straight ahead of you passed the waterfall.

Gold 2/11: While Erik is talking to you, turn right, on the counter next to the furnace.

Intel 1/5: After you leave the room where you grabbed the weapons, look right on a dining table is an attaché case that shines like the gold does. Read all the intels, some have useful info.

Gold 3/11: if you go straight from the room you grabbed the weapon, grenades & TNT from, exit another door & look in front of you, behind the bar.

Intel 2/5: When you exit the restaurant turn right after you’ve gone down the stairs. I suggest killing all the Nazis first. Staying on the same side of the tracks, go to where the two walls are. On the short wall.

Gold 4/11: After you pick up the 2nd intel, turn to the right. Next to the boxes blocking the door.

Gold 5/11: Walk backwards from Gold 4. You will pass an Iron support beam. Turn to the right. Destroy the box under the half closed security door. Inside on the back right.

Intel 3/5: beforeyou blow the door, & the wall around it, to smithereens, jump over the front of the locomotive & look to your left.

Gold 6/11: After you pick up the 3rd intel, look towards between the barrels & the stand, by the wall.

Gold 7/11: On the far side of the room on the left after you go through the whole you made.

Intel 4/5: After you kill the Nazis in the room, go up the stairs & stop on the first landing, on the desk to your left, under the Gut Mache (Made Good) book next to the ashtray.

Gold 8/11: at the top of the stairs, follow the left wall around till you see desks. Staying on the left wall on the far side of the last desk next to the banister.

Gold 9/11: Cross the catwalks (I suggest the left side). On the other side you will see cages. Enter, go straight back. Behind the crates, near the edge on the left.

Intel 5/5: on your way out of the cages, turn into the one on your right. On the wall next to the desk.

Gold 10/11: When the Spec Ops train has blown up & Erik tells you to meet him at the safe house, go through the new hole in the wall, then go up the stairs. See the portrait on the wall? When the next explosion hits, it is blown off the wall revealing a box.

Gold 11/11: Once all the way up the stairs there will be a small ticket office off to your right in the center of the room. Inside, hidden in the rubble on the right side of the pile.

Game Name: Wolfenstein

Cheat Name: Gold, Intel, Tomes Map - Train Station

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