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Way of the Samurai 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Way of the Samurai 3
  • Game Description: In Samurai 3, your fate is determined by your own actions and their consequences. You can choose to fight alongside good or evil during the unstable Sengoku Era, in which you're name will be written in the history books. Take on the role of samurai and select your path. You must blaze a trail of honor and respect, or a path of murder, corruption, and greed. You can become a hero, or you can become a villain. It's up to you.

All Unlockables in 15 Minutes cheat for Way of the Samurai 3 on Xbox 360

There are quick ways on earning certain unlockables that cannot be bought. These unlockables can be achieved by a certain amount of Samurai Points that is gained after the game is over for you.

Easy enough, here is a simple way and well, the lazy way of earning everything in a good 15 mins.

Here is how:

1.) Make a new character, don't care how it looks like.
2.) When coming up to the 2 farmers, respond in either pulling out your blade or choosing the 3rd choice. Do NOT heal your health yet.
3.) Follow the stream to the village.
4.) When arriving, don't confront the thugs that are messing with the girl.
5.) Go either up the stairway and find a farming patch and steal at least 6 radishes and heal your health.
6.) Press "START" and go onto the Profile choice to see you have earned the title of "Vegetarian"
7.) After already having the rank, go down and find the market merchant and go kick some stuff and mess around there, you should see the guard with his staff fall down. He will come after you but do not attack him, let him kill you off and then it's game over.
8.) You will notice that you see "Vegetarian" as your rank, and you will earn a nice amount of Samurai pts.
9.) Repeat this process a couple of times and in no time you should get everything.

When doing this attempted suicide, the choices for difficulty becomes more of a variety. The higher the difficulty, the more Samurai pts. you earn.

Game Name: Way of the Samurai 3

Cheat Name: All Unlockables in 15 Minutes

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