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Warriors: Legends of Troy Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Warriors: Legends of Troy
  • Game Description: Warriors: Legends of Troy brings you the clash of two armies over home, country, and one woman's love. The world of Warriors: Legends of Troy goes back 3,000 years, when heroes were strong enough to stand up to an entire army and men sailed the world for love. Nobody hesitated to make sacrifices for their families, and facing the gods for preservation of honor was the way things were. Those warriors fought a war that shook the very earth. When Zeus ruled over the mortal and immortal, a truce between two cities quickly ignites a war that shakes Olympus to its core. The fate of both great armies could go either way in this game.

Secret Achievements cheat for Warriors: Legends of Troy on Xbox 360

7 of Clubs - 15 gamerpoints - Get 7 enemy soldiers killed by the Cyclops.
Cry Me a River! - 25 gamerpoints - Escape Skamandros.
Epic Failanx - 2 gamerpoints - Break the shields of everyone in a phalanx without killing any of them.
Face That Launched 1000 Ships - 55 gamerpoints - Unlock all of Helen's concept art.
Farewell, Troy... - 50 gamerpoints - Beat the game on any difficulty.
From Paris with Honor - 25 gamerpoints - Defeat Menelaos in a duel for the hand of Helen.
Getting Kicked Down There... - 15 gamerpoints - Get 5 enemy zombies kicked by the statue of Apollo.
Hard Target - 15 gamerpoints - Defeat the Griffin without getting hit by any sand pillar attacks.
I'm Too Old for This Shi...p. - 25 gamerpoints - Escort Agamemnon to the Greek ships.
Knock, Knock! - 25 gamerpoints - Open the gates of Troy for the Greek army.
Miss Kleos - 15 gamerpoints - Achieve 350 Kleos with Penthesilea during a chapter.
Stop with the Sibling Rivalry! - 3 gamerpoints - Do not attack Hippolyte when she comes to haunt you.
This Is a Non-Smoking Section - 15 gamerpoints - Get 3 enemy zombies hit simultaneously by Lyssa's ground smoke attack.
What a Waste... - 2 gamerpoints - Miss all of your attacks while in fury.
Where Is Your God Now? - 25 gamerpoints - Bring down the statue of Apollo.
Zombie Homicider - 3 gamerpoints - Perform a Finisher on an enemy zombie.

Game Name: Warriors: Legends of Troy

Cheat Name: Secret Achievements

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