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WWE 12 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: WWE 12
  • Game Description: WWE '12 sees the rebirth of THQ's flagship gaming franchise. They have reinvented the game in order to make it better. They have overhauled the gameplay with their new Predator Technology to bring authentic as well as action packed wrestling sequences. These new, more authentic fights will be presented in a more broadcast television fashion than previously that comes with a totally overhauled commentary. WWE '12 will give players more control than they ever had before in a wrestling game, offering a fluid and dynamic fighting game that is sure to provide loads of intense button mashing fun in a whole new game that has been rebuilt from the ground up.

Zack Ryder's Headband cheat for WWE 12 on Xbox 360

To unlock Zack Ryder's headband you need to simply watch his intro in the WWE Universe mode.

Game Name: WWE 12

Cheat Name: Zack Ryder's Headband

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