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Unbound Saga Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Unbound Saga
Game Description: Once you unlock the full version of Unbound Saga, you’ll be a part of all 10 issues in this wild adventure. You’ll guide Lori and Rick through many environments full of real world physics, dangerous foes, objects that destruct, and bosses that are evil. You can unlock numerous skills and power moves as you make your way through the crazy world of Toxopolis. Now is your chance!


Achievements cheat for Unbound Saga on Xbox 360

game name:

Unbound Saga

cheat title:



All-star Team-up - 10 gamerpoints - Completed a Story issue in Co-op mode.
Bagged and Boarded - 15 gamerpoints - KO'ed 50 enemies with thrown objects.
Epic Crossover - 15 gamerpoints - Completed 5 Story issues in Co-op mode.
Femme Fatale - 20 gamerpoints - Unlocked Lori's entire skill tree.
Golden Aged - 20 gamerpoints - Earned 75K points in Survival mode.
Gutter King - 15 gamerpoints - KO'ed 100 enemies by throwing them against the panel edges.
Liver Thief - 20 gamerpoints - Unlocked Rick's entire skill tree.
Pristine Mint - 20 gamerpoints - Completed a full issue without taking any damage.
Secret Origin - 10 gamerpoints - Fully upgrade any skill.
Shadow Artist - 15 gamerpoints - Assassinate 50 enemies while invisible.
Silver Aged - 15 gamerpoints - Sustained a 6x multiplier for 60 seconds.
Squarebound Saga - 25 gamerpoints - Defeated the final boss.

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