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Too Human Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Too Human
  • Game Description: Renowned Canadian developer Silicon Knights is back with a vengeance with a third person grand action game. Too Human is the new craze on the Xbox 360 from Silicon Knights. Players are forced into the middle of an ongoing battle as the cybernetic god. The Too Human battle threatens the very existence of humans on this planet. Baldur, the cybernetic god and the gods themselves have been forced to recede due to the presence of an ancient machine. But now Baldur is gushing with adrenaline in his nerves to take on the monstrous war machines and save the human race from an abrupt end.

Duplication cheat for Too Human on Xbox 360

Go into trade with another person over Xbox Live.

Player two, select what you want to give to player 1 and accept then press Xbox logo and wait.

Player 1, as soon as player two is ready accept.

Player 2 as soon as you see the screen change press yes on the Xbox dashboard button (press Y beforehand).

Player 1 you should have the traded items, but player 2 should also have kept them as well.

Game Name: Too Human

Cheat Name: Duplication

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