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Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06
  • Game Description: You wonder whether Tiger Woods is the best golfer of all time. Get ready to settle that formal argument once and for all. On Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06 you could create a golfer using the most advanced Game Face technology ever released, and battle through five classic periods of golf with Tiger Woods and other legends such as Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer challenging you every step of the way. With new mini-games, 19 licensed golfers, and 12 authentic PGA TOUR courses, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06 challenges you to call out your rivals and prove yourself as the greatest golfer ever. Do you measure up, or are you just another municipal course duffer? Get ready to find out playing Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06 on X box 360 Live.

Tiger with Old Outfit cheat for Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06 on Xbox 360

Go to the options menu and select password.
Enter "OLDSKOOL" in CAPS to unlock Tiger Woods with an alternate old golf outfit.

Game Name: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 06

Cheat Name: Tiger with Old Outfit

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