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The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings
Game Description: The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings is a game that was definitely designed for ultimate gamers out there. Here, you will have to use all of your problem solving skills to advance to new levels and make progress in the game. It is beautiful as well as sophisticated and puts you right in the center of all of the action and awesome combative story.


Achievements cheat for The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings on Xbox 360

game name:

The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings

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To Aedirn! (5 gamerpoints): Complete Chapter 1.
Alea lacta Est (10 gamerpoints): Complete Chapter 2.
Once Ain't Enough (15 gamerpoints): Complete Chapter 3.
Apprentice (10 gamerpoints): Use alchemy to brew five potions or oils.
Master Alchemist (10 gamerpoints): Acquire the Mutant ability.
The Butcher of Blaviken (30 gamerpoints): Kill 500 foes.
Miser (10 gamerpoints): Collect 10000 orens.
Focus (30 gamerpoints): Perform three successful ripostes in a row.
Craftsman (10 gamerpoints): Hire a craftsman to create an item.
Pest Control (20 gamerpoints): Finish all quests involing the destruction of monster nests.
Torn Asunder! (15 gamerpoints): Kill more than one opponent using a single exploding bomb.
Gambler (15 gamerpoints): Win an arm wrestling match, a dice poker game and a fist fight.
Gladiator (15 gamerpoints): Defeat all opponents in the Kaedweni arena.
Madman (100 gamerpoints): Finish the game while playing at the Dark difficulty level.
Journeyman (10 gamerpoints): Achieve character level 10.
Guru (50 gamerpoints): Achieve character level 35.
Master of Magic (10 gamerpoints): Acquire the Sense of Magic ability.
Mutant! (30 gamerpoints): Enhance abilities using mutagens at least five times.
Last Man Standing (15 gamerpoints): Survive your 30th fight in the Arena
Perfectionist (15 gamerpoints): Kill 10 foes in a row without losing any Vitality.
Poker! (30 gamerpoints): Roll five-of-a-kind at dice poker.
Tried-and-True (10 gamerpoints): Survive your 5th fight in the Arena
The Fugitive (5 gamerpoints): Complete the Prologue.
Ricochet (10 gamerpoints): Kill a foe by deflecting his own arrow at him.
Swordmaster (10 gamerpoints): Acquire the Combat Acumen ability.
To Be Continued... (50 gamerpoints): Finish the game at any difficulty level.
Threesome (15 gamerpoints): Kill three foes at once by performing a group finisher.
Secret Achievements -
Avenger (30 gamerpoints): Finish the game by killing Letho.
Backbone (20 gamerpoints): Craft a suit of armor from elements of the kayran's carapace.
Being Witcher George (20 gamerpoints): Kill the dragon.
Fat Man (15 gamerpoints): Kill the draug.
Eagle Eye (10 gamerpoints): Hit Count Etcheverry using the ballista.
Heartbreaker (10 gamerpoints): Seduce Ves.
Kingmaker (15 gamerpoints): Help Roche rescue Anais from the Kaedweni camp.
Dragonheart (20 gamerpoints): Spare or save Saskia.
Librarian (30 gamerpoints): Find all additional information about the insane asylum's history.
Necromancer (50 gamerpoints): Relive all of Auckes's memories in Dethmold's vision.
Old Friends (30 gamerpoints): Finish the game by sparing Letho.
Sensitive Guy (10 gamerpoints): Save Síle from dying in the unstable portal.
Intimidator (15 gamerpoints): Intimidate someone.
Man of the Shadows (15 gamerpoints): Successfully sneak through Loredo's garden and find the component of the kayran trap.
Black Ops (20 gamerpoints): Sneak through the lower camp without raising the alarm.
Spellbreaker (15 gamerpoints): Help Iorveth find the dagger needed to free Saskia from the spell that holds her.
Reasons of State (15 gamerpoints): Stop Roche from killing Henselt.
Kayranslayer (10 gamerpoints): Kill the kayran.
Artful Dodger (30 gamerpoints): Cut off a tentacle using the kayran trap.
Tourist (10 gamerpoints): Tour the camp with Zyvik.
Friend of Trolls (15 gamerpoints): Spare all trolls in the game.
Trollslayer (30 gamerpoints): Kill all the trolls in the game.
Witch Hunter (10 gamerpoints): Leave Síle to die in the unstable portal.

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