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The Tale of Despereaux Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: The Tale of Despereaux
  • Publisher: Brash Entertainment
  • Developer: Brash Entertainment
  • Genre: Shooter
Cheats for The Tale of Despereaux on Xbox 360
  • Game Description: Based on Universal Pictures’ animated adventure and carrying the same fairy tale aura and sense of the upcoming film about a gallant mouse, which is courteous and courageous also, The Tale of Despereaux is an interactive game published on Xbox 360 platform. The game takes you beyond the story of the film into the adventurous world of Despereaux where he is having a roller coaster ride. The adventures range from the magical kitchen and colorful rooms of the castle to the dark dungeons of the rat lairs. Despereaux is up against a variety of animal enemies and human opponents on his mission to save the Princess Pea. The Tale of Despereaux has a training mode apart from mouse-centric unique abilities, upgradeable skills and objects. It will take a lot of courage and valor together with a sense of adventure to complete the missions.