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The Saboteur Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: The Saboteur
  • Game Description: Saboteur is based on true story set in the backdrop of occupied France which follows a single man who ends up fighting and killing Nazi thugs who murdered his friends. It's features are designed according to next-generation gaming console technology which includes stealth action game play and open world environment.

Easy Contraband cheat for The Saboteur on Xbox 360

Found an easy way to get contraband - simply hop into an anti-aircraft gun and start a bit of mayhem.

Sooner than later Zeppelins will come for you so simply pick one off then turn the gun anti-clockwise and there should be another one to shoot down.

Repeat as there should be another 2 waiting for you.

Now if you turn anti-clockwise again the 1st Zeppelin you shot down reappears - so just keep on shooting them down until you either get bored or get the amount of contraband you require.

I have tried this in numerous locations (from tall buildings work best) and seems to work.

Game Name: The Saboteur

Cheat Name: Easy Contraband

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