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The Last Remnant Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: The Last Remnant
  • Game Description: Developed and published by Square Enix for the Xbox 360 platform, The Last Remnant is a role-playing game featuring a all-new battle system known as “Turn-burst, command-based system using symbol encounters." The plot of The Last Remnant is based in a fictional world that comprises of several humanoid races. Remnants refer to various artifacts that were discovered during ancient times. These had various shapes and sizes with magical powers in them. These remnants have fuelled many a wars in the past and another one is brewing. It is a story of the war between the haves and the have-nots. The ones who have ruled the world through this power and the ones who were being ruled over. In this battle only The Last Remnant will stand the ground.

Achievements cheat for The Last Remnant on Xbox 360

Death and Destruction - 30 Gamerpoints - Do you want your party members to grow stronger? Try defeating lots of monsters.
Guru of the Mystic - 30 Gamerpoints - Do you like collecting items? Try obtaining a certain one...
Hero of the Dawn - 50 Gamerpoints - For a great challenge, defeat the monster that appears from a certain guild task.
March of the Soldiers - 10 Gamerpoints - Do you want a bigger party? Recruit some soldiers at a guild.
Monster Dismantler - 20 Gamerpoints - Are you collecting components? Try taking apart lots of monsters.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - 20 Gamerpoints - Do you recycle? Try taking apart lots of equipment.
The Battlemaster - 20 Gamerpoints - Do you have a taste for blood? Participate in battles and find out.
The Dragonslayer - 40 Gamerpoints - For a bigger challenge, defeat the monster that appears from a certain quest.
The Godslayer - 140 Gamerpoints - For the biggest challenge of them all, defeat the monster they call The Fallen.
The Great Soldier - 40 Gamerpoints - For a huge challenge, defeat the monster that appears from a certain guild task.
The Guildmaster's Faith - 10 Gamerpoints - Have you accepted the guild masters' challenges? Try finishing lots of guild tasks.
The Heir of Ultimate Fate - 30 Gamerpoints - Have you been creating items? Try creating a certain one...
The Lone Fighter - 30 Gamerpoints - Do you want a challenge? Defeat the monster that appears from a certain quest.
The Ravenous Hunter - 30 Gamerpoints - How is Mr. Diggs? Try harvesting a certain item...
The Rules of Consecution - 30 Gamerpoints - Are you keeping an eye on the chain count? Try to get as high a number as possible.
Timing is Everything - 10 Gamerpoints - How is your hand-eye coordination? Try using Critical Triggers whenever possible.
Unleashing Secret Powers - 10 Gamerpoints - Are you putting Timeshift to good use? Try using it as often as possible.

Game Name: The Last Remnant

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