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The Godfather II Xbox 360 Cheats

Cheats for The Godfather II on Xbox 360

Game: The Godfather II
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Redwood Shores
Genre: Action Adventure
Game Description: The Godfather II is an Xbox 360 video game based on the crime drama film The Godfather II. A meeting in Havana on the eve of Cuban revolution takes a bloody turn in Godfather II. Your family’s Don has been killed in Cuba so you have to take the charge of your family now. The Godfather II is basically a third person action game play on the Xbox 360 platform. In the game you can order the family member to protect and expand it’s territory and you have to manage the Corleone criminal empire by all means. When your business will be expanded to satisfactory levels, then Hyman Roth will invite you to expand and support him in South Florida. There will be some key choices for long term alliances. In between the game Michael Corleone comes under the investigation by a Senate Committee on organized crime. So, you have to run from the law to protect your family and business. A person named Tom Hagen will move into your organization. So be ready to overcome all these different types of situations. Give a command to your crew and establish your crime rings and always stack your pockets with favors from those in influential position as you fight off attacks and strike back at your rivals. The Godfather always has a price on his head and a target on his back. Don’t take it personally it always happens in business.

Cheats and codes for The Godfather II on Xbox 360

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