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The Evil Within Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: The Evil Within
  • Game Description: Shinji Mikami, considered the father of the survival horror genre, returns to the genre with his new game, The Evil Within. You must fight to escape dark environments and terrifying creatures as Detective Sebastian Castellanos, and learn the secret behind the horrors that surround you. Traps, limited resources, and warping realities all come together with an intricate story to create a survival/action horror blend unlike any other.

Not Part of the Job... cheat for The Evil Within on Xbox 360

To easily get the “Not Part of the Job Description” achievement, keep an eye on Joseph’s health bar on the right side of the screen during the part of Chapter 5 when you have to save Kidman. If it decreases at all, restart from the auto-save. It’s fine if he lost health before the water tank section. Use explosive bolts and shock bolts in front of the enemies’ cages, to blow them up when they get close enough. Use grenades to help take out the enemies that get past. After the first wave, target the remaining enemies’ spawn point so they can’t approach Joseph. You might want to try this in a New Game+ if you’re having difficulty.

Game Name: The Evil Within

Cheat Name: Not Part of the Job...

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