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The Darkness Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: The Darkness
  • Game Description: If you liked the best selling Top Cow comic book, then you will be bowled over by the seamless and one of a kind blend of modern crime drama and supernatural horror in the Xbox 360 game titled 'The Darkness'. 'The Darkness' is a non linear game play where you will play the role of Jackie Estacado. Jackie is a mafia hit man for the Franchetti family who suddenly finds himself in possession of the terrifying powers of The Darkness. Your role would be to harness the power of The Darkness to overthrow the evil mob boss. This XBox 360 game can be played in single mode or in an online multiplayer mode.

Other Phone Numbers cheat for The Darkness on Xbox 360

The following is a list of other phone numbers to enter at any phone:

555-7373 - Butcher
555-2284 - Jenny
555-7735 - Paulie
555-4263 - Retailer 1
555-5664 - Retailer 2
555-6402 - Sarah
555-8672 - SBZ

Game Name: The Darkness

Cheat Name: Other Phone Numbers

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