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Game Description: TRANSFORMERS: THE GAME holds the key to the control of earth. TRANSFORMERS: THE GAME is the official game for Xbox 360 on the worldwide super hit movie Transformers. Players can use Autobots to save their civilization or demolish it as Decepticons. You as a player have to lead the Transformers in the larger-than-life battle for control over planet Earth.


Achievements cheat for TRANSFORMERS: THE GAME on Xbox 360

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Keeper of the AllSpark - 75 points - Achieve 100% completion.
Mad Skillz - 40 points - Achieve all Skill items on all levels
Pride of Brawl - 15 points - Achieve full Destruction Skill.
Pride of Bumblebee - 60 points - Collect all the secret icons.
Pride of Ironhide - 15 points - Achieve full Heroic Skill.
Pride of Megatron - 20 points - Destroy 200 Autobot Drones.
Pride of Optimus Prime - 20 points - Destroy 200 Decepticon Drones.
Robots in Disguise - 25 points - Transform 500 times.
Root of all Evil - 15 points - Achieve full Evil Skill.
Shot Putter - 15 points - Achieve full Throw Skill.
Sideways Motion - 15 points - Achieve full Slide Skill.
Speed Demon - 15 points - Achieve full Speed Skill.
Transform and Roll Out - 10 points - Transform for the first time.
We Don't Need Roads - 15 points - Achieve full Jump Skill.
What Challenge? - 10 points - Complete your first Challenge sub-mission.
Wrong Way! - 15 points - Ram 250 Cars

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