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TNA iMPACT! Xbox 360 Cheats

Game Description: Based on the top-rated television show, the TNA iMPACT! Game for the Xbox 360 is a very popular one for all those that love wrestling matches. With this game you get to choose your own individual style and the clothing that you want your ultimate champion to wear. TNA iMPACT! allows amazing aerial feats as well as bone-grating crush of hard-hitting impacts and it features talents such as Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Christian Cage, Sting, Abyss. You will feel like taking part in the one of the television wrestling shows you love.


All Style Point Unlockables cheat for TNA iMPACT! on Xbox 360

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All Style Point Unlockables


120,000 Style Points:Wheelbarrow Neckbreaker
130,000 Style Points:Full Nelson Suplex
140,000 Style Points:Basement Dropkick
156,000 Style Points:Crotch Punch
184,000 Style Points:Twisting Crossbody
192,000 Style Points:Tornado DDT
200,000 Style Points:The Book End
200,000 Style Points:Senshi
208,000 Style Points:Eye Rake
216,000 Style Points:Neckbreaker
232,000 Style Points:Tailbreaker
240,000 Style Points:The Cradle Shock
240,000 Style Points:Jawbreaker
250,000 Style Points:Don West
252,000 Style Points:Leg Sweep
268,000 Style Points:German Suplex
280,000 Style Points:Dragon Suplex
290,000 Style Points:The Border Toss
312,000 Style Points:Atomic Drop
320,000 Style Points:The Gore
332,000 Style Points:Hurricanrana
340,000 Style Points:Running Neckbreaker
350,000 Style Points:Benny
360,000 Style Points:The Gringo Killer
376,000 Style Points:Mexican Head Scissors
388,000 Style Points:Cutter
400,000 Style Points:Lenny
400,000 Style Points:Hangman's Neckbreaker (Not 100% sure)
420,000 Style Points:England Arena
440,000 Style Points:Jackknife Powerbomb
615,600 Style Points:Sonjay Cutter
648,000 Style Points:The Steiner Recliner
680,400 Style Points:The Styles Clash
712,800 Style Points:The Stroke
745,200 Style Points:The Unprettier
750,000 Style Points:Afro Thunder (Next-Gen Exclusive)
777,600 Style Points:The Black Hole Slam
842,400 Style Points:The Angle Slam
972,000 Style Points:Canadian Destroyer

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