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Summer Athletics 2009 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Summer Athletics 2009
  • Publisher: DTP Entertainment
  • Developer: 49Games
  • Genre: Sports
Cheats for Summer Athletics 2009 on Xbox 360
  • Game Description: Summer Athletics 2009 is a battle for personal bests, and gold medals in one of the most exciting competitions ever. You'll compete as athletes from every part of the world participate in the Summer Games: swimming, jumping, running, and throwing for the chance to earn a gold medal. Playing this game with your friends or family, you'll feel as if you were actually in the stadium. Though only four players compete, they can also chase records and personal bests as a team to try for the overall title. Events included in the 28 competitions include the 100 meter sprint, javelin, long jump, and high diving. Several game modes add to the excitement, along with the totally up-to-date graphics. This game is not only challenging, but it's a lot of fun, at the same time. Varied difficulty levels can be customized to match casual or intense styles of playing.