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Street Fighter IV Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Street Fighter IV
  • Game Description: Produced by Capcom and published on Xbox 360 platform, Street Fighter IV marks the return of Street Fighter arcade gaming. It brings back the super street fighters, the favorite characters of gamers all over the world - Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Dhalsim. With a touch of stylized graphical effects, the environment and characters have been preserved to give Street Fighter IV that classic feel of Street Fighter 2D. "Focus Attacks" is an all-new system, a special feature included in Street Fighter IV. This attack system allows the player to sop up an attack and in lieu of that launch a counter attack. Capcom has retained the customary six-button controls, but has improved on the moves front with innovation such as Ultra moves. The Street Fighter IV is set to change the Street Fighting arena in to a more fierce and intense battleground.

Unlock Akuma cheat for Street Fighter IV on Xbox 360

Play arcade mode with some you already beat the game with.

Set rounds to one, get a perfect in one of the rounds. Do not lose a round period.
Beat Seth and you will have to fight Akuma, beat him and unlock him.

Note: If you almost lose a round, hit start with second controller to join in and then beat the second player.

Then continue your quest to unlock Akuma.

Game Name: Street Fighter IV

Cheat Name: Unlock Akuma

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