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Stormrise Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Stormrise
  • Game Description: Stormrise is a 3-D real time strategic game that commingles the emotional intensity with great levels of immersion in style. Available on Xbox 360, the videogame has unique third person camera perspective through which the players can be involved right into the game. It also allows gamers to track and explore the enemy territories including all their hideouts. Stormrise brings a fresh breeze into the strategy gaming with its revolutionary controls players can now lead the troops they command to end the fierce battle between Echelon and Sai races.

Secret Achievements cheat for Stormrise on Xbox 360

Formidable - 50 gamerpoints - You destroyed 500 units.
Full Repertoire - 50 gamerpoints - You have used all unit abilities at least once.
Whip it Good - 20 gamerpoints - You whipped 250 times during a map or match.

Game Name: Stormrise

Cheat Name: Secret Achievements

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