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Star Trek: DAC Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Star Trek: DAC
  • Game Description: Star Trek DAC is the next Star Trek game based on the 2009 reboot of Star Trek franchise starring J.J. Abrams. This multiplayer game can also be played online with your friends which gives you a choice of starships to battle out. It also supports co-op gameplay for up to 12 players divided in two teams as they compete as two factions - Federation and Romulan.

Achievements cheat for Star Trek: DAC on Xbox 360

Academy Graduate - 5 gamerpoints - Earn 1 kill with each ship class.
Born Leader - 15 gamerpoints - Capture all 4 points in a single Assault match.
Bridge Commander - 15 gamerpoints - Earn 250 cumulative kills in Team Deathmatch.
Imperial Instincts - 10 gamerpoints - Earn 25 cumulative point captures in Conquest.
Mirror, Mirror - 10 gamerpoints - Capture a point with the aid of your own wingman.
NCC-1701 - 20 gamerpoints - Earn 250,000 points as the Flagship class in one Team Deathmatch game.
Nero's Rage - 25 gamerpoints - Destroy 3 enemies while using a single invulnerability powerup.
No Mercy - 20 gamerpoints - Earn 50 cumulative Escape Pod kills.
Red Shirt - 5 gamerpoints - Be the first to die in a Versus multiplayer match.
Starfleet Medal of Honor - 30 gamerpoints - No deaths or ejections, plus at least 15 kills, in a single match.
Vulcan Wisdom - 25 gamerpoints - Don't die or shoot, yet capture 3 points - including the enemy base) in a Conquest match.

Game Name: Star Trek: DAC

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