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Splinter Cell Double Agent Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Splinter Cell Double Agent
Game Description: Sam Fisher takes on a new role in the Xbox 360 game Splinter Cell Double Agent which is based on the best selling Tom Clancy book Splinter Cell. In this game, you can play dual roles - both as the covert operative and as the ruthless terrorist. The player in you will decide whom to betray and when to betray as well as who to protect which will finally decide the outcome of the game. Live your life and experience the tension filled life of a double agent. The daily life of the double agent consists of lying, killing, sabotaging, betraying and also protecting the innocent. Sam Fisher needs to get deep within a ruthless terrorist organization trying to destroy it from within. As a double agent you tread a thin line - kill too many of your enemies and you could be exposed; leave it too late and millions of innocents could die. Your job is to complete the mission and get out breathing.


Dawn Waves Hacking Spot cheat for Splinter Cell Double Agent on Xbox 360

game name:

Splinter Cell Double Agent

cheat title:

Dawn Waves Hacking Spot


First start on Dawn Waves, then go head to the red terminal, there will be lots of stairs.

Climb up all of them until you're on top then disable the door, jump up and grab onto the vents or climb the pipe up, then go on left.

Then there will be a path going upwards. Follow that now look down, there should be a big massive light.

Jump on top of it then jump onto that massive bronze kind of thingy, then go to the edge until you're facing the yellow terminal look down.

You will see a helicopter kind of sculpture jump on the wing, then move to the right (don't fall off) then hack from there.


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