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Splatterhouse Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Splatterhouse
  • Game Description: Welcome to Splatterhouse, where you’ll use your bare hands as well as weapons, and the energy of your dead enemies to splatter and maim your way back to Jennifer, your lost girlfriend. She has been kidnapped by the diabolical Dr. West. You are Rick, left for dead in a world of darkness, where creatures straight out of nightmares are waiting. In West Mansion, Rick makes a pact with a Terror Mask, saving his life in return for blood. Rick transforms into a ruthless killer, pursuing the evil Dr. West through time, fighting against the undead and risking his very soul to save Jennifer.

Secret Survival Mode Missions cheat for Splatterhouse on Xbox 360

Take no damage for 1 minute.
Take no damage for 2 minutes.
Get 5 splatter kills.
Get 20 splatter kills.
Kill 25 enemies in Berserk mode.
Kill 50 enemies in Berserk mode.
Step on 20 Boreworms.
Step on 50 Boreworms.
Kill 10 enemies with body parts.
Kill 25 enemies with body parts.

Game Name: Splatterhouse

Cheat Name: Secret Survival Mode Missions

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