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Spelunky Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Spelunky
Game Description: Spelunky is a platformer that offers you a random levels as you go, changing the game as you play so that no two rounds are the same. What you must do is travel deep underground and be careful around monsters and traps... and also look for treaure. Oh, and you can also destroy anything in your environment. Spelunky is an extremely promising XBLA title.


Achievements cheat for Spelunky on Xbox 360

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The Entire Gang - 10 gamerpoints - Rescued all 8 hidden characters.

Her Favorite - 10 gamerpoints - Won the kapala from Kali.

Good Teamwork - 10 gamerpoints - Completed the game with at least two players alive. No shortcuts.

Low Scorer - 10 gamerpoints - Completed the game without collecting any treasure. No shortcuts.

Public Enemy - 10 gamerpoints - Killed 12 or more shopkeepers in one game.

Casanova - 10 gamerpoints - Rescued 10 or more damsels in one game.

Seen It All - 20 gamerpoints - Completed 100% of the journal.

Seen a Lot - 10 gamerpoints - Completed 50% of the journal.

To Hell and Back - 50 gamerpoints - Completed the game the hard way.

Addicted - 10 gamerpoints - Played Adventure Mode 1000 times.

Speedlunky - 10 gamerpoints - Completed the game in under 8 minutes. No shortcuts.

Ironman - 30 gamerpoints - Completed the game without using shortcuts.

Eternal Life - 20 gamerpoints - Obtained the Ankh.

City of Gold - 40 gamerpoints - Reached the City of Gold.

Big Money - 20 gamerpoints - Obtained 500000 gold.

Made It - 40 gamerpoints - Completed the game.

Ice Creamed - 20 gamerpoints - Reached the Temple.

Jungle Jammed - 20 gamerpoints - Reached the Ice Caves.

Mines Shafted - 20 gamerpoints - Reached the Jungle.

So It Begins - 30 gamerpoints - Beat the Tutorial.

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