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Soul Calibur IV Xbox 360 Cheats

Cheats for Soul Calibur IV on Xbox 360

Game: Soul Calibur IV
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Developer: Project Soul
Genre: Fighting
Game Description: Soul Calibur IV is the epic struggle between the spirit sword Soul Calibur and the cursed sword Soul Edge. Soul Calibur IV features new and familiar faces from across the galaxy - each seeking Soul Calibur and Soul Edge for revenge, honor and salvation. This Xbox 360 game revolutionizes the way we look at weapon based fighting games with extensive character customization, amazing guest characters and online battles. NAMCO BANDAI Games and Lucas Arts have come together to feature the Star War characters within the Soul Calibur universe. The highlight is an exclusive Xbox 360 character - Jedi Master Yoda.

Cheats and codes for Soul Calibur IV on Xbox 360

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