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Sniper: Ghost Warrior Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Sniper: Ghost Warrior
  • Game Description: Can you help a ragtag group of rebels rise up against a hostile military command that has taken over the government of Isla Trueno? Once the democratic government is overthrown, the evil military command takes power. A special ops unit comes in to help local rebels do the work that requires a trained sniper for success. But sniper missions aren't all, players will participate in numerous scenarios to help out the outmanned, outgunned rebels.

Enemy Hint for Dangerous Grounds cheat for Sniper: Ghost Warrior on Xbox 360

It is best to kill all infantry in front of you.

I would recommend that you go prone on the large rock to the side of you, but don't poke the barrel of your rifle past the edge.

There is nine enemies on the ground, and one in a tower hut in front of you. After killing them, go for the guy on the pier.

This will make getting to the other side easier.

Game Name: Sniper: Ghost Warrior

Cheat Name: Enemy Hint for Dangerous Grounds

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