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Sniper Elite 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Sniper Elite 3
  • Game Description: Take on the role of OSS sniper Karl Faireburne once again, and head behind enemy lines in North Africa’s World War II front. With an exotic African setting, nonlinear objectives, new weapon and character customization, and more, you can play the way you want in your quest to stop the Nazis from unleashing their new superweapon. In addition to the main story, you can also play through five multiplayer modes and a co-op mode for added replay value.

Highly Decorated Achievement cheat for Sniper Elite 3 on Xbox 360

If you earn all of the Competitive Multiplayer ribbons, you will get the “Highly Decorated” achievement. Each is earned by meeting a specific requirement:

Finish a match without dying once.
Achieve three tag assists.
Achieve three testicle shots.
Achieve three headshots.
Fire the shot that wins the match.
Make the longest shot of any in the match.
Get three kills from over 150m away, while using a scope.
Get three kills with grenades.
Get three kills with traps.
Get five kills by aiming with a rifle’s sights.
Get five kills in empty lung.
Get five kills using a bolt-action sniper rifle.
Get five kills using a semi-automatic sniper rifle.
Get five kills without being killed yourself.
Get seven kills using a pistol or SMG.
Use a scope to kill a target currently sprinting.
Get a kill by shooting a mine or some TNT.

Game Name: Sniper Elite 3

Cheat Name: Highly Decorated Achievement

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