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Slender: The Arrival Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Slender: The Arrival
Game Description: Based on the original Slender, this horror game features the infamous Slender Man and his proxies. With enhanced graphics, an all-new storyline, and more, this takes the terror of the original and makes it more intense than ever before. There is no one who can help you—can you escape the Slender Man.


Achievements cheat for Slender: The Arrival on Xbox 360

game name:

Slender: The Arrival

cheat title:



Speed Runner I - 20 gamerpoints - Beat ‘The Eight Pages’ level in under 5 minutes.
Speed Runner II - 30 gamerpoints - Beat ‘Into The Abyss’ level in under 5 minutes.
Speed Runner III - 40 gamerpoints - Beat the game in under 45 minutes.
The Collector I - 30 gamerpoints - Find all numbered letters.
The Collector II - 50 gamerpoints - Find all scrapbook items.
I Love Radio - 10 gamerpoints - Listen to all of the radio tracks in the house.
Master Pianist - 10 gamerpoints - Play the piano until the first notes from ‘No Friends’ is played.
Tangled - 10 gamerpoints - Get ensnared by Slender Man’s tentacles.
Cry Baby - 10 gamerpoints - Disrupt Charlie while he’s crying at least 3 times.
Retro Fan - 40 gamerpoints - Beat the Genesis level on ‘Hardcore’ difficulty.
I’m Free! - 10 gamerpoints - Beat the game on normal difficulty.
Fearless - 40 gamerpoints - Beat the game on ‘Hardcore’ difficulty.
Fire Proof - 30 gamerpoints - Make it through the forest fire without catching on fire once.
Walking Simulator - 10 gamerpoints - Surpass 10,000 total steps taken.

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