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Sleeping Dogs Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Sleeping Dogs
  • Game Description: A cinematic thrilling cop drama set in the crowded city of Hong Kong. As undercover cop Wei Shen, you are on a mission to bring down one of the most feared organised crime gangs, the triads from the inside. Explore through the vibrant city scene and embark on a journey encompassing the challenge between loyalty and betrayal where you are forced to question your motives. Experience scenes including shoot-outs, street races, martial arts combat and street brawls with a range of real-world weaponry from circular saws through to refrigerator doors!

Flying Car cheat for Sleeping Dogs on Xbox 360

You will need 3 specific surroundings, or 4 depending on which is more necessary.

First, find a road (usually Central or North Point) that has a set of stairs on the right side of it enclosed by railings.

Drive up the stairs at a high speed until you hit the jutted out edge of a building.

This will send you flying up in the sky and falling through the map for 20 seconds.

You should land back on the street with no damage to your car at all!

Game Name: Sleeping Dogs

Cheat Name: Flying Car

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