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Sledge Hammer Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Sledge Hammer
Game Description: The ultimate racing game, Sledge Hammer is a turbo-based battle on the road. As blood-thirsty war veteran Jack Hammer, you want vengeance and will stop at nothing to get it. Driving a large truck loaded with a deadly assortment of rockets, guns and mines amongst other weapons, you can run over pedestrians and deform enemy vehicles causing them to fall apart piece by piece until they are completely demolished. Transform from race mode to combat mode anytime to deliver the full potential of your gaming skills. Solve each situation through a range of different manoeuvres, switching from speed to force or a combination thereof. Modes of play include single and multiplayer.


Achievements cheat for Sledge Hammer on Xbox 360

game name:

Sledge Hammer

cheat title:



Mega Combo - 50 gamerpoints - Destroy 4 vehicles in a row - Single player).
Multi Combo - 40 gamerpoints - Destroy 3 vehicles in a row - Single player).
Single Combo - 20 gamerpoints - Destroy 2 vehicles in a row - Single player).
BFG - 50 gamerpoints - 50 enemy cars are killed in a round - Single player) .
Vulcan - 40 gamerpoints - 30 enemy cars are killed in a round - Single player) .
Maxim - 20 gamerpoints - 15 enemy cars are killed in a round - Single player).
Most Wanted - 50 gamerpoints - Destroyed 200 police cars - Single player).
Primary Suspect - 40 gamerpoints - Destroyed 100 police cars - Single player).
Under Supervision - 20 gamerpoints - Destroyed 50 police cars - Single player).
Juggernaut - 50 gamerpoints - Destroyed 300 enemy cars while playing the game - Single player).
Destroyer - 40 gamerpoints - Destroyed 150 enemy cars while playing the game - Single player).
Bone Wagon - 20 gamerpoints - Destroyed 50 enemy cars while playing the game - Single player).
Widowmaker - 50 gamerpoints - Destroyed 500 traffic cars - Single player).
Fearbringer - 40 gamerpoints - Destroyed 250 traffic cars - Single player).
Traffic jams - 20 gamerpoints - Destroyed 100 traffic cars - Single player).

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