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Silent Hill HD Collection Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Silent Hill HD Collection
  • Game Description: With the Silent Hill HD Collection you get the opportunity to experience all of the horrors, frights, shocks and adventure that each of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 have to offer, and all rendered in high definition for the Xbox 360 for the first time.

Silent Hill 2 Cheats cheat for Silent Hill HD Collection on Xbox 360


Clock the game on normal difficulty for the game itself and puzzle mode. Then when you start a new game you can find a chainsaw in the logs before the cemetery.

Hyper Spray

Clock the game twice and you'll find Hyper Spray on the south of the motor home.

Book of Lost Memories

Clock the game one time and then go to the newspaper stand near Texxon. You can find the Book of Lost Memories.

Extra Options

Hold LB and RB at the options screen and extra options will become visible, like color of blood map zoom and more.

Defeat Eddie Easily

If you want an easy way to beat Eddie in the first fight, get your rifle and shoot him 4 times as quickly as possible. Then he should run, follow him into the next room but stay away as far as possible from him within the room. Keep shooting him and he should die pretty easily!

Unlockable Bonuses

When you clock the game you'll unlock the following bonuses:

Double or triple the amount of ammo you'd usually find.
Toggle noise effects.
Non-distortion mode for game scenes.

Show All Signs

When you clock the game with all five endings, then all in-game signs will be shown.

Game Show Prize Box Combination

When you are playing the game and get through to the end of the hospital area, and start going down the lift, there will be a radio call. The call relates to a game show and asks you three questions. You then need to go to the storeroom on the third floor to collect the prize, which is in a box. To unlock the box enter the combination 3, 1, 3.

Game Name: Silent Hill HD Collection

Cheat Name: Silent Hill 2 Cheats

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