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Silent Hill Downpour Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Silent Hill Downpour
  • Game Description: Silent Hill: Downpour for the Xbox 360 returns to the roots of the Silent Hill franchise, bringing back the horror storyline type of gameplay. Players will become immersed in the horrific world of Silent Hill as they face off with their worst sins and darkest fears. The story begins when a prison transport vehicle falls off a road, stranding a lone prisoner name Murphy Pendleton in Silent Hill. Players will control Pendleton through mind boggling puzzles along with facing off against a variety of terrifying enemies using several everyday objects such as glass bottles. Whether to fight or to flee is left up to the player, and each different play style will unlock certain side quests that come in addition to the main, linear storyline. All fans of deep storylines, and especially those of psychological thrillers and horror genres are sure to enjoy the many mystical evils that await players in the town of Silent Hill.

Easy Mysteries cheat for Silent Hill Downpour on Xbox 360

This is the easiest way to get the 52 mysteries needed for the Silent Hill Historic Society achievement.

When you finish Centennial Building quest go back to the entrance and the same mysteries should be hanging on the door. Go and grab it, and then run back past the stairs and then back down to the door. The mysteries will be reloaded. Keep doing this to get the required number for the achievement.

Game Name: Silent Hill Downpour

Cheat Name: Easy Mysteries

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