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Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper Xbox 360 Cheats


Secret Achievements cheat for Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper on Xbox 360

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Sherlock Holmes versus Jack the Ripper

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Secret Achievements


Analytical mind - 10 GamerPoints - Fill in the timescale of the double murder.
Charitable soul - 30 GamerPoints - Treat the captain.
Cheeky - 10 GamerPoints - Obtain the clues by phone.
Clever - 10 GamerPoints - Open the briefcase belonging to agent Humphries.
Cool - 30 GamerPoints - Bluff the crooks.
Deciphering expert - 10 GamerPoints - Decipher the coded message.
Dexterous - 10 GamerPoints - Dismantle the combination lock.
Director - 10 GamerPoints - Reconstruct the hand movements of Polly Nichols's murderer.
Eagle eye - 10 GamerPoints - Retrieve the amulet from under the floor.
Handyman - 10 GamerPoints - Repair the gas leak.
Historian - 10 GamerPoints - Open Tumblety's briefcase.
Ingenious - 30 GamerPoints - Access the first floor of the Finley lodgings.
Journalist - 10 GamerPoints - Replace the correct labels on the compartments.
Lock picker - 10 GamerPoints - Pick the lock leading to the cells.
Logical mind - 10 GamerPoints - Find the encyclopaedia of perfume.
Methodical - 10 GamerPoints - Reconstruct Walter Sickert's cane.
Model pupil - 10 GamerPoints - Open the jar containing the heart.
Organised - 10 GamerPoints - Fill in the timescale of the murder of Polly Nichols.
Patient - 10 GamerPoints - Reconstruct the torn up reports.
Rational - 30 GamerPoints - Fill in the deduction board.
Resourceful - 30 GamerPoints - Obtain access to the butcher's shop.
Sensitive nose - 10 GamerPoints - Solve the puzzle of the perfume.
Shrewd - 30 GamerPoints - Find Sherlock some water.
Skilful - 10 GamerPoints - Use the magnet to retrieve the lock pick.
Snake charmer - 30 GamerPoints - Obtain the tanner's mask.
Snoop - 10 GamerPoints - Find the correct file at the Imperial Club.
Strategist - 30 GamerPoints - Enter the police station unseen.
Surgeon - 10 GamerPoints - Find the internal organ missing from the corpse.
Technician - 10 GamerPoints - Reconnect the cables on the goods lift.
Tenacious - 30 GamerPoints - Access the barricaded room on the first floor.

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