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Sacred 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Sacred 3
Game Description: Fight alongside three allies, either your friends in co-op multiplayer or computer-controlled allies in single-player mode, and become the legendary heroes who will stop the evil leader of the Ashen Empire before he obtains the Heart of Ancaria. In this hack’n’slash adventure, you’ll face mercenaries, undead wizards, grimmocs, and more. Multiple classes, skills, and special co-op moves come together to give you a wide variety of tactics to use to achieve victory.


Achievements cheat for Sacred 3 on Xbox 360

game name:

Sacred 3

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Welcome to Ancaria - 15 gamerpoints - Complete the Rank 1 mission.
Journey’s End - 15 gamerpoints - Complete all Rank 2 missions.
Sacred Ancaria - 30 gamerpoints - Complete all main missions on Legend difficulty.
Sacred Savior - 90 gamerpoints - Complete all main missions on Deity difficulty.
Skilled Culture - 15 gamerpoints - Max out any culture’s Combat Arts, Skills, and Equipment trees.
Perfectionist - 30 gamerpoints - Max out all cultures’ Combat Arts, Skills, and Equipment trees.
Overprepared - 90 gamerpoints - Unlock all item upgrades.
In a Blink of an Eye - 30 gamerpoints - Defeat something big with only one hit using a smart bomb.
Ding! - 10 gamerpoints - Get a level up.
Regular - 15 gamerpoints - Reach level 10 with any character.
Experienced - 30 gamerpoints - Reach level 30 with any character.
Veteran - 90 gamerpoints - Reach level 50 with any character.
Couch Party - 15 gamerpoints - Complete one main mission in local co-op mode.
Party Like It’s 1999 - 30 gamerpoints - Complete all main missions in local co-op mode.
On the Line - 15 gamerpoints - Complete a main mission with three other players.
Online Master - 15 gamerpoints - Complete all main missions with three other players.
Leading by Example - 30 gamerpoints - Complete a main mission as the top scorer in a game with three other players.
Tons of Damage - 15 gamerpoints - Achieve the highest multiplier in a damage run.
Who You Gonna Call? - 90 gamerpoints - Break the shields of all ghostly orbs and destroy them in a single phase.
One For All - 15 gamerpoints - Use your Battle Prayer 10 times.
Bodyguard - 15 gamerpoints - Interrupt five enemies while they are targeting other players.
Medic! - 15 gamerpoints - Revive every other player in a single mission with three other players.
Speak No Evil - 15 gamerpoints - Stop the Unspeakable Evil.
Group Hug - 30 gamerpoints - Kill 8 Grimmoc-sized enemies with one attack.
Arts Training - 15 gamerpoints - Use your Combat Arts 80 times in N’Aquali during a single playthrough.
Judge, Jury, Executioner - 30 gamerpoints - Execute 5 enemies in a row.
Too Close - 15 gamerpoints - Die from an explosive destructible.
Multi Culti - 15 gamerpoints - Complete a mission with four characters from different cultures in co-op mode.
Untrollable - 30 gamerpoints - Kill a Troll without getting hit by it in single player mode.

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