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SAW Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: SAW
  • Game Description: Saw is a horror game with third person perspective based on the hugely popular Saw film series. The movies have grossed nearly $700 million worldwide, with 28 million DVDs having been sold. The game has many of the mechanical traps as in the movie, along with some super scary new ones. Players will go against Jigsaw, navigating his world, attempting to avoid his horrible traps and escape, while also having to fight against Jigsaw's henchmen in gruesome combat, using weapons found in the play environment.

Easy Gamerscore cheat for SAW on Xbox 360

At the end of the game JigSaw says to pick 2 doors.

You should pick the Freedom Door and get the achievement, then you can simply load the last checkpoint and click the Truth Door and then get that achievement!

Game Name: SAW

Cheat Name: Easy Gamerscore

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