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Rock Band Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Rock Band
  • Game Description: Harmonix, one of the leading developers of the games based on music is back again with Rock Band. It is a platform for the music lovers. Rock Band allows you to experience music in your own way; you can be in the shoes of the biggest drummers, bassists, guitarists and singers of all time. Rock Band is one of the most genuine music games ever to have come on Xbox 360. You can challenge rockers online to master lead guitar, bass, guitar, drums, and vocals. Rock Band has been built on some unique deals with top record labels and music publishers. It features music spanning almost all genres of rock, including many masterpieces from some legendary artists.
  • Game: Rock Band
  • Game Description:

Tips: Drumming and Singing cheat for Rock Band on Xbox 360

When drumming, if you find yourself off when doing a beat (like: yellow, yellow+red, yellow, yellow+red), it may help to hold your sticks a little looser, if that doesn't work, go to practice and break it down. First the yellows or blues (the faster one) then add red (or the slowest one) then the kick pedal.

On singing, you do not have to say the words, just make sounds that match the pitch. If you know the song, it will be a lot easier so you can know what is next. It is still recommended that you say the words to stay on track though.

Game Name: Rock Band

Cheat Name: Tips: Drumming and Singing

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