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Resonance of Fate Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Resonance of Fate
Game Description: Imagine cinematic gameplay in a steampunk world, and you have Resonance of Fate. Resonance of Fate is developed by tri-Ace, a company that's had a huge influence in development of many of the gaming world's best role-playing games (RPGs). Get ready for a new experience in RPG action in this new take on an exciting genre.


Achievements cheat for Resonance of Fate on Xbox 360

game name:

Resonance of Fate

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Basel's Repairman - 15 GamerPoints - There's a lot of world left out there.
Big Shot - 15 GamerPoints - You'll have to put mind, spirit, and body into it to hit this hard.
Bonus Hitter - 15 GamerPoints - You can land one more hit.
Bullet Barrage - 15 GamerPoints - It's all about positioning.
Customaestro - 15 GamerPoints - Laying out parts can become quite a puzzle.
Extreme Spiker - 15 GamerPoints - There are more ways to deal extra damage than just a bonus hit.
First Contact - 10 GamerPoints - This is just the beginning.
Four-Terminal Chain - 15 GamerPoints - Connect terminal effects to make them even more effective.
Hero Actor - 15 GamerPoints - Spend enough time in combat, and you'll cross this threshold.
Hundred Plus Club - 15 GamerPoints - This is the natural product of having weathered countless battles.
Maiden Mission - 10 GamerPoints - This is what pays the bills.
Material Collector - 15 GamerPoints - They sometimes yield useful parts and materials.
Material Creator - 15 GamerPoints - Become a regular down at the local shop.
Professional Hunter - 15 GamerPoints - Their lives have not been given up in vain.
Resonance Miser - 15 GamerPoints - It'll take all three of you to tackle this challenge.
Shopaholic - 15 GamerPoints - It's your money. Spend it how you like!
Spite Monger - 15 GamerPoints - Perfect the timing for landing a bonus hit.
The Iron Fist - 15 GamerPoints - A true warrior doesn't fear getting up close and personal.
Thousand Pitcher - 15 GamerPoints - Throw as hard as your little arms can stand.
Tri-Attacker - 15 GamerPoints - You'll need to cooperate as a team of three.

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