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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
  • Game Description: Way back in September of 1998 there was a viral outbreak that started it all, in Racoon City. Umbrella Corp has sent in one of their elite security taskforces to clean up the little mess they made and the US Government has also put the city in quarintine and sent in their own investigative team. In this RE game, you get to take on the role of an Umbrella Agent - finally!

Achievements cheat for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City on Xbox 360

Witness (20 points) Witness the beginning of the Raccoon City outbreak.

Corrupted (20 points) Complete the second mission of the USS campaign.

Danger, High Voltage! (20 points) Complete the third mission of the USS campaign.

Rogue's Gallery (20 points) Complete the fourth mission of the USS campaign.

Betrayal (20 points) Complete the fifth mission of the USS campaign.

Down in the Lab (20 points) Complete the sixth mission of the USS campaign.

Outbreak Survivalist (25 points) Complete all missions on USS veteran.

Raccoon City Cleanser (35 points) Complete all missions on USS Professional.

Success (30 points) Complete all missions with an S Rank USS.

Great Success (45 points) Gain S + on all USS World Commission on Professional / Veteran difficulty

On A Roll (15 points) Achieve a 5 kill streak in a Versus match.

Skill Or Luck ...? (25 points) Achieve a 10 kill streak in a Versus match.

Now That's G (15 points) Collect 3 G-virus samples match in one Biohazard.

No Sample For You (30 points) Force 25 enemies to drop G-virus samples in biohazard (lifetime).

Supreme Survivor (20 points) Survivors in fashion, have all four players on your team Survive the game.

Fallen Idols (30 points) Mode in Heroes, Heroes eliminate four in one game.

Sampler (20 points) Play at least one match in every versus game type

You Love to Hate My 98 (50 points) Complete 98 Versus games

Tongue Tied (10 points) Kill a Licker that is grappling a team mate.

Like a Butterfly (15 points) Kill 100 zombies with CQC (lifetime)

Green Thumb (25 points) Heal with 101 Green Herbs (lifetime)

Down Boy (15 points) 13 Kill zombie dogs (lifetime)

These Will Do (10 points) Purchase 5 weapons.

Choices Aplenty (15 points) Purchase 15 weapons.

Quite The Collection (30 points) Purchase all available weapons.

One Trick Pony (10 points) Purchase an ability.

Feelin 'Stronger Every Day (15 points) Fully upgradeable to ability.

Look What I Can Do (20 points) Purchase all abilities for one character class.

Ready To Dominate (20 points) Fully upgrade one character class for all abilities.

So Many Choices (30 points) Purchase all abilities for all character classes.

Epic standards (40 points) Upgrade all abilities for all characters to its maximum level.

Organic Shield (20 points) Kill 5 enemies while using consecutively a zombie as a shield.

Baker's Dozen (30 points) Kill 13 zombified teammates.

So Hot Right Now (15 points) Kill 103 enemies with incendiary rounds (lifetime)

Bloody Good Time (20 points) Kill 5 enemies by causing Blood Frenzy in a single campaign or multiplayer game match.

Up Close and Personal (10 points) Kill 5 players in one game with multiplayer CQC kills.

Chaos Averted (5 points) Kill an infected teammate with a headshot before they become a zombie in any fashion.

Like a Bee (20 points) Kill 10 enemy players in one Versus game with CQC.

A Gun by Any Other Name (15 points)
Kill an enemy with each weapon type including special weapons.

Raccoon Mascot (15 points) Collect all seven raccoons.

Game Name: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

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