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Red Dead Redemption Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Red Dead Redemption
  • Game Description: Red Dead Redemption takes place in the America of 1911. The Wild West is on its way out, and John Marston is threatened by federal agents. He has to take his guns and find the group of criminals that used to be his friends for an epic battle for survival that takes place on the huge expanses of the American southwest and Mexico. As John Marson, you'll do your best to bury your past by taking out one man at a time.

Full Honor cheat for Red Dead Redemption on Xbox 360

Pause the game, go to options and then go down to cheats. Press Y and the enter the following to get full honor. This is also known as the Goog Guy cheat.

It aint pride. It's honor

Note: This will disable game saving and achievements!

Game Name: Red Dead Redemption

Cheat Name: Full Honor

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