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Rayman Legends Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Rayman Legends
  • Game Description: Rayman, Globox and the Teensies are back in Rayman Legends, which has a heap of new, specially themed levels. Several are musical maps that feature an interesting soundtrack with a medieval theme (spooky!). There is also worldwide leaderboards and a bunch of new modes, characters and environments to keep you hooked on the Rayman story.

Unlock Costumes cheat for Rayman Legends on Xbox 360

If you collect the number of Lums shown below then you'll unlock the costume listed. You'll find it in the Heroes Gallery.

Flaming Teensy - 440,000 Lums
Globolk - 350,000 Lums
GlobTeen - 20,000 Lums
Glombrox - 75,000 Lums
Ninja Teensy - 280,000 Lums
Poglox - 500,000 Lums
Raybox - 40,000 Lums
Raymesis - 130,000 Lums
Raymolk - 220,000 Lums
Rayomz - 1,000,000 Lums
Red Globox - 14,000 Lums
Sir Rayelot - 2,000 Lums
Teensy Hermit - 170,000 Lums
Teensy Queen - 55,000 Lums
Teensy Ray - 5,000 Lums
Teensy Wizard - 100,000 Lums
The First King - 750,000 Lums

Game Name: Rayman Legends

Cheat Name: Unlock Costumes

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