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Quake 4 Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Quake 4
Game Description: How would you feel and act if you were the only hope for Earth's survival against an unrelenting alien enemy? In Quake 4, you will become one of the enemies to fight for Earth's cause. In your fight, you will have at your disposal advanced weaponry and vehicles along with an elite squad of marines and your sights are set on Strogg's home planet.


Xbox Live Gamerpoints (Multiplayer) cheat for Quake 4 on Xbox 360

game name:

Quake 4

cheat title:

Xbox Live Gamerpoints (Multiplayer)


Private (Multiplayer) - 5 points: Over 100 Win points
Corporal - (Multiplayer) - 10 points: Over 500 Win points
General - (Multiplayer) - 50 points: Over 5,000 Win points
Lieutenant-Multiplayer - 25 opints: Over 1,000 Win points
Basic Training - 5 points: Play over 100 matches
Best Impression - 10 points: Over 250 impressives
Bronze Flag - 5 points: Over 100 captures
Combat Veteran - 25 points: Play over 1,000 matches
Defender - 10 points: Over 250 Defense awards
First tour of duty - 10 points: Play over 500 matches
Gold Flag - 25 points: Over 1,000 captures
Golden Gauntlet - 20 points Humiliate: over 250 players
Guts but no Glory - 10 points: Over 100 Assists
Perfect Win - 5 points: Won a match without dying
Raven Squad - 50 points: Over 5,000 frags
Rhino Squad - 75 points: Over 10,000 frags
Seasoned Warrior - 50 points: Play over 5,000 matches
Silver Flag - 10 points: Over 500 captures
Viper Squad - 5 points: Over 100 frags
Warthog Squad - 10 points: Over 500 frags
You Excellency - 10 points: Over 500 Excellents
Number 1 - 20 points: Reach number one on the All Gametypes ranked leader board

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